Camping has always been popular in New Zealand but its popularity has really soared over the last couple of years. As Kiwis look closer to home for their holidays, choosing the right set up is essential. With so many options on the market, we have summarised some highlights below:

  1. Last minute getaways don’t have to be hard as the camper can be pre-packed with clothes, bedding and the camping essentials.

  2. Great to have your own vehicle. You don’t have to compromise on your mode of transport. Knowing you’re in the safety of your Ute feels great. This is really important when on a roadie and covering large distances. 

  3. Easy set up. The ‘Happijac’ legs are simple to lower and once down you are free to drive away leaving the camper behind. 

  4. Access to more camping spots. As campsites fill up, the allure of avoiding the crowds will become more and more attractive. With a slide-on set up, you can go anywhere your Ute can. 

  5. Neat and compact but with all the essentials. Looking for a bit of luxury but don’t want anything too big, then a slide on is perfect. The clever design means you can fit a fridge, hob, bed and even a toilet all on the back of your Ute.
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