Top 10 Places to Visit in the North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is everything you have ever imagined and so much more. Famous movie locations and insane adrenaline-fuelled activities – absolutely. However, there is so much more. Hundreds of kilometers of unspoiled beaches, wine poured from a local vineyard you just drove by, getting lost in a sub-tropical forest, and exploring local history and culture in modern museums – the North Island has it all. We welcome you to get inspired by this beautiful island.


Auckland is a busy multicultural city surrounded by beaches and rainforests. It has something to offer for all. Whether you’re here for high-end shopping or simply wishing to catch some waves and explore some trails – you are in the right place. 


If this place still needs to be added to your bucket list – hurry up! This is a world-famous and unique attraction where you will feel like you just entered a fairytale. It’s a cave full of thousands of magical glowworms and has inspired people since the 1880s. It’s a natural wonder where words can’t do justice.


Rotorua is a magical place for adrenaline junkies. The name itself, Velocity Valley, gives you a hint of extreme activities. You’ll find here the only pedal-powered monorail path in the world, freefalling, mountain biking, etc.


Taupo is known for many things, you start to wonder whether it’s a real place. We can assure you it is! Legend has it that Taupo was created by a massive volcanic eruption that covered the skies as far as Europe. Today, it’s better known for geysers, mud pools, and beaches that are perfectly safe to explore. If you get a kayak or a boat, make sure to check out Maori rock carvings accessible only by water. It is also renowned as an excellent fishing spot, with the town of Turangi being home to the largest trout fishery in the world.


Just a 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland lies a beautiful island offering some of the greatest fine dining surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. However, you don’t have to break your budget if you don’t want to. There are plenty of cliff-top walks or even WWII underground tunnels just waiting to be explored. 


If you love that beach-paradise vibe, head to the Bay of Islands. It’s a subtropical micro-region renowned for its beauty and consisting of 144 islands. Plenty of tours are available, or you could opt to hire a kayak. Whatever path you choose, there will be an abundance of wildlife waiting for you. For those who will seriously struggle to leave this paradise, there is a camping ground on Urupukapuka Island to make it your temporary home.


Coromandel is a well-known holiday destination in New Zealand. It has a rich gold-mining history and is nestled in the middle of spectacular scenery. It has everything you need from a city, with a rustic and laid-back vibe. The most visited attraction here is the Cathedral Cove – a naturally formed arch worthy of stunning pictures. 


This is one of those places where you feel you have stepped back in time. Napier is known worldwide for its Art Deco architecture and 1930s feel. You can join a guided tour or wander the streets by yourself while stopping by for a glass of locally-produced wine. If you’re passing through in February, make sure not to miss the annual Art Deco Festival. 


Wellington has a lot of green spaces. However, it is packed with culture more than anything else. Make sure to check out the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa. It is open every day, and entry is free to everyone. It’s a modern, immersive museum worth visiting at least once. For movie fans, there is one place you simply cannot miss – Weta Workshop. You can find out how props and costumes were made for your favourite movies and learn more about the film production process. After all, this is the country where The Lord of the Rings was created, they know what they’re talking about!


The first National Park of New Zealand that is centered around three volcanoes referred to as the ‘Ring of Fire’ is bound to promise some dramatic experiences. Whether you choose a short leisurely trail or a multi-day hiking expedition, you will be rewarded with some of the best views there are in the world. However, this is not for the faint-hearted! The volcanoes are still active, and the weather conditions might change abruptly. Come prepared, and you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We hope you are buzzing to start packing and get on the road, and if you haven’t yet, check out our suggestions for the South Island as well!

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