Top Tips on How To Stay Warm Inside Your Camper


Check the weather forecast before leaving. Even though it is expected to have a great variety of interchanging weather in mountainous regions, it is still good to check if a strong storm is underway. 

Smaller vehicles have better strong wind protection, allowing for better airflow around the vehicle. That is one of the reasons why Kohi slide-on camper will work in your favour, as opposed to caravans and large campers.


Have a small repair kit ready in your camper. Simple things like duct tape and extra poles can be lifesavers when no one else is around, and home is a long way ahead.


Choose a campsite with wind protection. Look for areas with natural shelter and consider wind direction. Avoid hilltops, open valleys, or open beaches. However, look out for old trees that might fall in extreme conditions. Set up your camper so that the wind direction does not face the driver’s seat. Also, check your campsite. Pack away anything that might be blown away. 


This might sound counter-intuitive, but in certain circumstances, consider creating cross ventilation by opening some doors or windows. This would help decrease the air pressure. Make sure it’s done safely and do not cook at this time inside your vehicle, and look out for things that might be blown in or away.


Get a hat! Even if you have the best sleeping bag or warmest duvet, our bodies can still lose a lot of heat through the top of our heads. Make it feel warm and toasty. Consider also getting a sleeping bag liner.


Like camping in your tent, the insulation at the bottom of your sleeping area is as essential. Make sure you have a good-quality mattress or extra blankets underneath. 

Window insulation. Cover all your windows with a sheet that has aluminum on one side. It’s an excellent and cheap way to help control the heat in your camper during all seasons. In the summertime, keep the aluminum side outwards to reflect the heat, and in winter, keep it inwards so it does not let the heat escape. 

Consider creating a barrier between your sleeping area and the rest of the car to trap the heat in a concise space.


Consider investing in a heated blanket. It’s a simple and quick way to keep yourself warm. Some blankets even have a timer, so you don’t have to worry about it once you are asleep! Some work on batteries, so always make sure to charge it in case the weather turns around unexpectedly.


If you can manage at least a few tips from above, you will be warm and toasty while waiting for harsh weather to pass away. However, there is one tip for what not to do. 

There’s a lot of chatter on the internet about whether candles are a good source of heat inside your car. The short answer is NO. It does not generate nearly enough heat to compensate for the possible risks associated with lighting candles in a small, enclosed space. From carbon monoxide poisoning to falling asleep and missing a catching fire, it is best to keep candles for a romantic date night somewhere else.  

At the end of the day, getting out there and seeing mother nature in its full force is why we choose this lifestyle. As long as you and your companions are safe, take a seat and watch the show. Get cozy, play some games, and enjoy the time spent together. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, so grab that hat and blanket and go on an adventure!

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