The Ultimate Check List for Your Camping Adventure

Whether you’re getting ready for your first adventure or a seasoned traveler already, a packing list is always there to save you! We’ve gathered all the essentials that make our chosen lifestyle much more comfortable. Tick off all the boxes, and go be wild!


Yes, these are all self-explanatory. However, you’d be surprised how many people have to turn around for that passport left behind in the middle of the table. Don’t be a cliché. 

Passport – obviously. 

A driver’s license – probably hidden deep down in your pocket due to a horrendous picture, but please bring it along. 

Registration or rental agreement – it’s also a good idea to have a digital copy just in case.

Roadside assistance – check if your travel insurance covers this.


Aux Cord – unless you’re ready for an ultimate singalong challenge, this is a small item not to be missed.

Phone mount – similar to a passport, it’s essential that’s too easy to overlook.

Tote bag – you do not want to spend half of your holiday looking for a phone charger amongst all the bags. 


Toothbrush and toothpaste – probably the most forgotten essential. 

Hand sanitiser – you don’t even need to add this to your shopping list; there are probably at least five spare bottles lying around the house. 

Deodorant – long drives with other people can make or break a relationship. Don’t let a little odor ruin a friendship. 

Sunscreen – in New Zealand, be prepared to meet all four seasons in one day. 

Shampoo bar – saves a lot of space and makes less mess!

Hairbrush – so that you could use that fancy shampoo bar.


Rain and/or down jackets – when we think of winter, we think of snow. However, most often, it’s the cold rain and wind that will make your life unbearable. Get ahead of the weather with good-quality jackets.


Sunglasses – whether while driving or up on a mountain, your eyes will thank you. 

Sandals – let your feet out of hiking boots from time to time. 

Hat – what’s a holiday without a picture in a Hawaiian t-shirt and a hat?

Scarf – or keffiey, bandana, or whatever you want to call it. It is so multiversal you will definitely use it. 


High-quality knife – not only for cooking but also for cutting rope, small branches, etc. It could be a lifesaver in many situations. 

Camping mug – one day, you will look back at it and all the memories that have been shared together. 

Cutlery – as funny as it can be, eating with sticks and stones is not worth it. 

Bin bags – the more, the better!

Cooler – whether for a chilled beer or fresh produce, it will expand your cuisine from noodles to pretty much anything you like.


Water bottle – another simple and obvious essential. It will save you and the planet a lot of time and waste!

Sleeping bag – having a good quality sleeping bag is one of the best camping investments. You can bring it for camping or just for a chilly morning outside your campervan with a cup of tea overlooking the beautiful sunrise. 

Heating blanket – sometimes you just want to get warm and cozy, and sometimes it’s plan B after your heating source breaks down. 

Headlamp – once you buy your first headlamp, there is no going back. Setting up camp or making dinner in the dark – no problem!


Even if you’re the most experienced hiker and feel confident in your survival skills, sometimes accidents still happen. Don’t let a small cut ruin your fantastic adventure! Make sure to have at least essentials such as plasters etc.


Wet wipes have gained the right to have their own category. Such a simple invention can make or break your day out in the wild. Whether used instead of a shower on a cold rainy day or for that spill of morning orange juice – wet wipes are a way to go!


Whether it’s Google Maps, GPS, or a paper version, have at least one. Better yet – all of them! Especially if you’re going to explore off-the-beaten-track roads, it is always advisable to have a plan B.


Roadside emergency kit – it’s like first aid for your car. Make sure to explore its contents and how to use them before embarking on a trip. 

Spare tire – getting a flat tire is one of the most common traveling headaches. It sure makes for a good story, but it is even better to be ready to deal with it. 


Deck of cards – takes very little space and brings a lot of fun. Maybe whoever loses is the next one to clean up the campsite!


At the end of the day, we are never really that far from civilization anymore. If you’ve forgotten something, it’s ok! Embrace the adventure and have fun.

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